We offer  single shaft shredders and double shaft shredders. They are basic equipment in reducing wood and wood waste plants. The single-shaft shredder is the most versatile and widely used shredder for shredding wood, sawmill waste, pallets, briquettes as well as plastic, paper, film and other materials. The material collected can be fed directly without additional feeding systems. The rotor of the single-shaft shredder turns particularly slowly and this, combined with the vertical material feed, makes it especially quiet and dust-free. The hydraulically driven ram feeds the material to the rotor. Our double-shaft shredders are suitable for processing wood as well as municipal solid and commercial waste. They are particularly rugged machines with a throughput of up to 100 to/h. A homogeneous material is produced by the interaction of both rotors with the shared counter knife and the screen respectively if required the screen bars. Double-shaft re-shredders are equipped with pneumatic machine damage protection, the so-called Flipper. All offered shredders are available with standard belt drive as well as with HiTorc®drive which permits variable speed adjustment and reduces power consumption up to 60% compared to the standard drive system.

Shredded wood and wood waste – examples of fractions possible to storage, transport, burning or use in next step of  production.


Single-shaft shredders small size

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Single-shaft shredders heavy duty size

Double shaft pre-shredders

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