Screening machines

Our screening machines are proven solution to screening fine as well as coarse pieces of wet or dry material. Those perfect devices are applied to for screening material into several fractions eg. different size of chips, sawdust from chips, dust and oversize. VSS oscillation screens are generally the perfect solution timber industry for screening sawmill waste such as wood chips, sawdust, wood shavings (animal bedding), bark, alternative fuel (RDF), etc. into several fractions and for separating fines and overlengths from wood shavings (for production of animal bedding) or mineral fractions from old wood and for making other quality improvements to materials for recycling or thermal treatment. Particle sizes up to approx. 100 mm (occasional overlengths up to 500 mm). Our roller separators are reliable solution for remove long wood pieces providing none-problem operation of processing biomass plants. We recommend also star screening machines as well as disc screening machines  for screening oversize out of sawdust and chips as well for screening many other kind of biomass.

Oscillation screens

Roller separators

Star screens

Disc screening machines