rębaki bębnowe

A strong and powerful series 45, 60 and 85 biomass chippers stand out due to their robust, reliable and very powerful design. The chippers are designed as stationary machines and are provided with a short horizontal feed unit. They special design cause that need less space than common chippers with the same capacity. They have only 4 in feed rollers and operate with a clamping plate rotor. The solid steel rotor is diameter 1300 mm (VTH) or 1800 mm (VTH85). Depending on request the rotor can have 2 or 3 chipping knives. Length of chips: 20-30 mm.

Those chippers are primarily used in the production of large volumes of energy wood chips for thermal conversion in high-output biomass power plants. Additionally, they are suitable for the production of high-quality wood chips for use in the chipboard and paper industries.