Drum chippers

Our chippers have been used for decades in wood industry for producing high quality wood chips from round wood, saw mill waste, and all other wood waste as well as chipping veneer etc. They are reliable solution for sawmills, carpenter’s shops, furniture factories, plywood factories, biomass handling plants for burning chips for biomass power plants and for co-burning with coal power plants.

Basic features:

  • the most effective chipping to required final size thanks to adjusting infeed speed, speed and structure of solid steel rotor to input material
  • statically balanced rotor with plug-in rotor shaft for low – vibrating operation
  • feed rollers driven by low-maintenance slip–on gear motor
  • chipping knives from high-alloy tool steel have a form-close fit with Vecoplan’s proven centrifugal wedges – they are easy to adjust and replace

Essentially the drum chipper is indispensable in the wood processing industry owing to its enormous throughput and wide range of sizes and rotor systems. It is designed to perform a range of tasks, from the production of fuel chips for energy generation through to quality wood chips for the wood pulp industry. In a nutshell, it is used in industrial applications where wood chips are required as the starting material for a subsequent production process.

The material is fed horizontally into the drum chippers. Feeding via vibratory conveyor and conveyor belt is possible.

Shredded wood and wood waste – examples of fractions possible to storage, transport, burning or use in next step of  production.


Drum chippers small size

Drum chippers middle size

Drum chippers heavy-duty size

Biomass drum chippers