hitorc_zdjecie-1The gearless drive with water-cooled HiTorc® motor that satisfies all expectations of the operator. Available with ratings between 62 and 250 kW with infinitely adjustable speed from 0 to 360 or 420 rpm.
The automatic speed control allows the rotor to turn quickly when the materials are easy to shred. With more difficult materials, the rotor turns more slowly with high torque. This revolutionary technology means that power savings of up to 60% in relation to the machine’s output are possible! For this reason, the initial investment may already be recouped after the first year of operation, particularly with the large-capacity drives.



  • maximum torque and power under all conditions
  • full speed control with wide speed range
  • quickest possible reversing action
  • more throughput and controlled output rate
  • controlled stop function
  • high efficiency and limited current demand
  • no fluid coupling
  • no gear and belts