Single-shaft shredder heavy duty size VAZ 2500

vaz_2500The VAZ 2500 is the biggest shredder of the heavy-duty series of the single-shaft shredders. This machine is used to shred all kinds of solid materials, such as wood, paper, plastics, industrial or municipal solid waste. It requires very little maintenance or servicing. The solid steel rotor has a diameter of 640 mm and, if required, various rotor systems and geometries are available, thus ensuring optimal shredding performance in every application. The machine can be equipped with the “flipper”, a pneumatically pre-tensioned counter knife that prevents damage if tramp materials are fed in. This also makes it easy to remove tramp material without having to unload the hopper. Additionally it can also be provided with a bridge-breaker for increasing throughput while shredding bulky and light materials.
In addition to the standard drive via asynchronous motor, the patented HiTorc® drive is also available, which permits variable speed adjustment and reduces power consumption by up to 60% compared to the standard drive system. The machines features drive capacities ranging between 132 and 250 kW and rated torques of up to 20000 Nm. The screen mesh sizes are normally between 20 and 150 mm. Depending on the mesh size, throughputs of between 7000 and 25000 kgs/hr can be achieved.