Single-shaft shredder medium size VAZ 1800

vaz_1800The VAZ 1800 shredder is the most powerful machine in the series of medium-duty single-shaft shredders. Different rotor designs and geometries mean the VAZ 1800 is capable of shredding wood waste, paper, data storage media, solid plastics, plastic film, industrial waste, packaging and much more. The machine can be equipped with the “Flipper”, a pneumatically pre-tensioned counter knife that prevents damage by tramp material. This feature also makes it easy to remove tramp material without having to unload the hopper. In order to increase the throughput when shredding bulky and very light materials, the machine can also be fitted with an optional bridge-breaker. In addition to the standard drive via asynchronous motor, the patented HiTorc®  drive is also available, which permits variable speed adjustment and reduces power consumption by up to 60% compared to the standard drive system. The drive capacities range from 90 to 132 kW with the standard drive and from 110 to 134 kW with the HiTorc® drive.The output can be between 1000 and 6000 kg/h, depending on the version and screen mesh size.