Loading and Unloading Conveyors

C1_BEF-gl.-zd.Drag chain dischargers as units that can be moved up, down and sideways. They can be used for rectangular silos storing chips, pellet, sawdust, shavings, alternative fuel (RDF) and other materials with grain size up to 150 mm, density: 650 kg/m3.




  • capacity up to 300 m³/h
  • width of conveyor: 1800-4500 mm
  • length of conveyor: up to 30 m


  • possible of storage different kind of biomass in each box 
  • possible of mixing biomass in the same box
  • possible of mixing and dosing biomass in boiler installation
  • discharger is operating above material and silo is all time available without needing of discharging biomass
  • reliable in rectangular silos for feeding chips, pellets, sawdust, alternative fuels with fully automatic procedure
  • reliable for loading and unloading trucks