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Biomass Power Plant to generate electricity and heat from biomass

Śpiewak company has specialized in the planning and construction of power generation plants that use waste wood, wood chips, bark, biomass and agricultural biomass to generate thermal and electrical energy. Smart solutions enable the realization of projects for communal-, commercial- and industrial customers. Over 25 years experience in design and plant construction and projects has been completed till now across Europe, confirm the quality of our services.

Biomass power plants – CHP (Combined heat and power) technology

Our biomass power plants (cogeneration plants) are produced for the energy supply of industrial processes and can be operated with steam or silicone oils. In a cogeneration process heat and electricity is generated. For the electricity production are used high mainly quality steam turbines. The modular design of our systems allows the detailed implementation of the plants according to the customers requirements and the respective fuels. The power plants are built up turnkey and handed over ready to work to our customers.

CHP plants – industrial applications up to 7.000 kWel

  • steam parameters of up to 35 bar and 500 °C
  • generate clean electricity and heat from biomass
  • possible producing up to 7.000 kWel and 28.000 kWth ( depending on the system design and fuel specification)


The heavy industrial design is distinguished mainly by their durability and robustness. Flexible heat output parameters make these reliable systems interesting to a wide range of applications.

CHP Compact plants – work ready power plants up to 500 kWel


The compact systems CHP were developed specially for export projects and decentralized power applications. This plant type from 200 to 500 kWel is characterized by a very compact and space-saving design. All internal piping and electrical connections are prepared at the factory, so that the equipment can be delivered ready for use. The compact units are prefabricated at the factory on corresponding steel frames for quickly installation and start-up on side.

application areas for the CHP system:

  • Wood industry
  • Pellet plants
  • Drying plants
  • District heating nets
  • Dairy industry
  • Brewery industry
  • Green houses
  • Food production industry

Plant design – customer specific and individual


The electrical power production is directly coupled to the heat consumption. 100 % output of the heat generator produce approximately 18 % electrical and 82 % thermal energy, depending on the operating parameters. In this division heat is available at a temperature of 90 °C. The lower the heat output temperature, the more electrical power and less heat power can be produced.


Waste heat usage – flexible process parameters and applications


The process heat occurred from the cogeneration process can be made available in the form of process water or process steam in a temperature range from 40 °C to 200 °C and a power range of 1.000 to 28.000 kWth. For the electrical power production back presure-, condensation-, or extraction turbines are used to provide the required process parameters. For a regulated power plant operation a continuous heat consumption is very important. In addition, variation of the heat consumption can be compensated with fully automatic cooling systems.




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