przenośniki ślimakowe

Biomass silos made of prefabricated ferro-concrete ring segments

We offer you an alternative for traditional silos.  These are silos made of ferro-concrete ring segments manufactured by Wolf KG Betonwerke. Silos comply with the fire resistance class F90 to F120 , and are made of concrete class C35/45. Silos meets European norms like DIN EN 14491, DIN EN 12779, DIN EN 14122-4. 

Basic data:

  • silo diameter:  5,0 m ∅ 6 m ∅ 7,5 m ∅ 10,0 m ∅ 12,0 m;
  • useful volume of silo  2300 m3  (depending on diameter);
  • assembly of silo within 2  to 7 days by skilled team;
  • ready silo is possible to disassembly and move to other localisation;
  • delivery of  screw reclaimer is possible on inquiry;
  • silo is equipped with steel constructions according to design;



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