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Belt conveyor VFB – F3


The VFB-F3 belt conveyor features a particularly hard-wearing (optionally oil-resistant) rubber conveyor belt. With a delivery rate of between 0.2 and 1.8 m/s, and attachment points for drum and belt scraper systems and safety devices such as an emergency pull cord and speed monitor, this conveyor is ideal for transporting material to and from shredders, screening machines, etc. As stronger design is using as feeding conveyor to chipper.






  • sawmill waste conveying
  • processing of old timber
  • biomass plants
  • production alternative fuels
  • processing municipal waste, industrial waste


  • great flexibility, very tall, compact design
  • well sealed with belt sliding surface
  • enclosed design with easy access (safety, cleanliness, maintenance)
  • expandable with additional modules
  • side wall vertical extensions available in various heights
  • assembly requires neither welding nor special tools
  • ATEX approval category 1
  • version with anti-magnetic section for over belt magnetic separator
  • inclination up to 35°