Discharging screw conveyors for rectangular silos

Wygarniacz-slimakowyOur screw discharger has an impressive discharge capacity of between 1 and 800 m³/h and consists of several screw shafts in a shared trough construction. One or two discharge openings facilitate optimum dosing of material supplied to the next process. This is why screw dischargers are particularly suitable for feeding boiler systems, for animal bedding packaging lines and also for feeding and discharge of hammer mills / chip shredders, drying plants in the pellet manufacturing industry and for alternative fuel (RDF) in the cement industry. As special design they can be used in truck or train unloading satiations.




  • feeding boiler systems and packaging lines
  • feeding and discharge of hammer mills/chip shredders
  • drying systems in the pellet industry
  • alternative fuel (RDF) in the cement industry
  • biomass unloading stations


  • no bridge formation
  • moving parts fully enclosed for maximum safety
  • long service life
  • high delivery rate
  • low maintenance